CoC Orient Express

Investigations and the Ghost Train

At the professor’s house (which had burned down / blown up). Mable’s father had gotten several shots off. I did some tracking and didn’t find anything. The wine cellar didn’t have wine in it, had pillars with protective magic, and a cloth which seems to have once held something. On one cloth are four sticks of incense, not burned, and a summon healing scroll. Mable attempts to call the hospital to check in on Mr. Lantern, and she can’t get through. We have to decide what is more important, the ghost photo investigation, or to press on to Paris. We all decide to stay to investigate the apartment because the train difference would have been merely 4 hours between staying or going early. Hassan went off to Nikolai’s party with Mr. Lantern, and we were to meet back at the Oriental Club at noon, in the professor’s private room. Some dealing at Nikolai’s party. Edison wax cylinder phonographs needed for slow motion action. Hassan had found info on the disappeared man, how long ago he was gone, etc.  Miss Edwards has a dream about 5 lights – Miss Edward's dream of Five Lights - arranged in a roughly pentagonal organization. We then pay a visit to the house of the London man to talk to the landlady — he was really into model trains.  The ghost, Mr. Henry Stanley, had just acquired a new model train, the night that he disappeared. She heard him up there playing around with the train, then there was some noise. Mr. Stanley is a quiet type, came home at 4 in time for tea, had purchased an older electric train set, he didn’t come out after. She heard screaming and a rumble, came upstairs and saw smoke, in the room, the window was closed, and the train was still there — but he wasn’t. The theory is currently spontaneous total human combustion. The noise returns at the midnight on the 7th of every month. When the ghost image comes back (per Smith) he plays with the train set on the floor, stands up, apparently sees something, and screams. 


Mr. Lantern and Nikolai build a bonfire and summon a familiar. 


Mr. Lantern decided to stay in London and protect Professor Smith. 


Mable goes to the headquarters of the Golden Dawn (Tom knows Mable is in the Golden Dawn). We know Mable is in the Golden Dawn. Edgar Wellington, member of the Golden Dawn, had previously been given a letter on human skin stating “The Skinless One will not be denied.” Edgar Wellington is not known to us, and not in London, but is a contemporary of ours. 


We are aware of the Beddow notes – Somebody else’s research made mention of a 13th century illuminated manuscript. 


The train set was sent to Mr. Arthur Butters, who looked at the train set and said that it was insufficient voltage to completely immolate the body. It was sent to another member of the trainspotting association. It’s in poor taste, depicts a train wrecked on the Liverpool run in 1897 which had massive loss of life.  Butters ran it and it ran just fine. Accounting for scale, it would be 64 loops to travel the same distance as the train did before its accident. The interior of the train is well done. 


There was a receipt from an old-fashioned ‘imports’ store (fakes, mostly) — the train had been sold by a Mehmet Makryat (the man who died three times in one night). We looked through the store, it had been cleared out and there was barely anything left. Blood under the floorboards and we found an old ledger.


At 11pm, Professor Smith's camera crew showed up to set up for the show in the apartment. Mr. Lantern has another way to communicate with ‘those that are lost and can be brought back for a reason’. He tries to talk the ghost into coming back to see the new diesel electric trains. The train comes through, showing partially through one of the walls. Hassan tries to speed up the message for the ghost with the Edison player, but fails, breaking it. Mr. Stanley appears. Lantern says (in Indian) “stop the train”. Nikolai clears out for the door. Hassan starts to record. The train comes through, hits the cameraman, knocking him into the wall. Some people get off the train – one looked alive, the rest dead. One of them wanted to know when they arrive in Liverpool, Hassan says “soon”. They attack Miss Edwards and try to drag her on the train. Mr. Bennington attempts to stop this. Lantern pulled out a mastodon tusk knife and was able to crush the heads of ghosts with it. The first guy who came off the train seems the most rational. Hassan borrows a walking stick from the ghost and uses it to beat off the other ghosts. Mabel pulled out guns but didn’t shoot. The landlady came up, and was surprised.  Miss Edwards fought ghosts bare-handed.  A ghost passed through the police sergeant. Richard Bennington hears a person on the train calling for help. Hassan decides to go onto the train. More zombie-like-people on the train, the arch of a car covered in sigils and a skeleton covered in ichor. More than a score of people with flesh eaten from their bones. In the center of the pile of human waste, Stanley is trapped between cars, unable to go into either one.   Miss Edwards has considerable skill in Oriental Martial Arts, and defends herself quite capably. Mabel attempts to get on the train and fails. The crazy guy in the ‘dining’ car starts asking questions. Lantern orders his familiar around. Lantern gets off the train, bringing Impasse with him. Henry gets off too. 


Henry’s tale: He was playing with his train set when a train came through the wall, trapping him. Henry thinks it’s been 6 days, didn’t know it was 6 months. The other people on the train think it’s 1897. Lantern advises smelting the train. One of the cameramen got the whole thing on film. One cameraman hit by train, severe injuries but not dead. Sergeant advises not to document events but just smelt train and move on. 


We find out that the pattern of lights on the train match Miss Edwards’s dream… kinda. There are pseudo-Enochian symbols on the train, roughly 5, on the front of the train… 5 or 7… maybe related to Miss Edwards’s dream. Henry Stanley's Train Car Sigils


We go to Butters to destroy the train. It’s completely melted down. The sergeant will take the metal to a hotter fire later to turn the metal into slugs and distribute it. The DCI Fleming in charge of the Mehmet Makryat case will be waiting at 8:30 am for us, and then we get on the train later in the day.  We gave the DCI a few avenues to investigate, and then moved on. 


Train: London to Paris is 8 hours. Train ride is uneventful. We go to the library (the Bibliotheque).  Investigation in the library revealed several journal excerpts – 3 journal entries. From the Diary of Mademoiselle De Brienne, June 1789  Report of Captain Louis Malon, June 1789. Journal of Lucien Rigault, June 1789. Upshot is that Fenalik was mad, possibly worshipping something, and ended up committed. The orgy and cesspit at the house when he was arrested was stopped and the house burned with others inside. 


Lantern gets a telegram from Beddows that there are men after the Professor in London and Lantern needs to return for his defense. 


Rosenberg gallery – private sale, one party unsure of what they had bought — purchased part of the Sedefkar Simulacrum, the buyer in Milan not realizing that it was powerful. 


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